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Firepot kommer på kartet

Last spring, a team of British climbers set out to explore North Liverpool Land — a little-known peninsula on the east coast of Greenland. Prior to this, only four mountaineering teams had visited this region, leaving many unclimbed summits to ascend.

On April 26th 2018,  Scottish Mountain Rescue volunteer, Mark Robson and his climbing partner Simon Richardson, prepared for the first ever ascent of Mount Hulya by fuelling themselves with a Firepot breakfast at the base of the mountain's opening gully line. This opening route went smoothly, taking them round the mountain through stunning scenery. They christened this  400m opening line ‘Firepot Couloir’ (or Firepot Corridor) — its naming leaving a proud British mark on the expedition world, and the map itself. They went on to traverse the remaining four Mount Hulya peaks the same day.

This month, Mark and Simon  are setting off again on an expedition to Petersburg in Alaska, where they hope to make some more first ascents. They will be taking advantage of our light-weight meals (including a supply of gluten-free options for Mark) to reduce the weight. A small helicopter will drop them to the start of their journey, at Stikine Icecap. We will try and post updates on the trip as and when we receive news at our Dorset HQ.

Making the ascent

The Greenland North Liverpool Land 2018 team took a range of extra-large and gluten-free Firepot options with them for the expedition.  

Firepot Mini